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tv   11 News Today  NBC  November 1, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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toured the areas hit hardest by the storm bacchanal that we are clear sandy, are we looking for warmer temperatures? >> you are watching wbal tv 11, live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m.. >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us. >> ava marie is here and we're glad to hear you are ok. >> it was crazy. it was you need for a hurricane because it was so cold. we were out there for eight hours straight. and we got soaked with the rain. it was freezing cold. we had to make sure we did not get hypothermia. >> you wouldn't normally think about cold weather during hurricane coverage. >> i did not have -- know how to pack for it. i brought all the snow gear i have because that's what i
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needed. >> it came in handy? >> it did, my waterproof jacket, my raincoat, the snow jackets did not hold up to the rain. we hope that everyone in the northeast cleaning up, it will be a rough couple of weeks. things are ok, there are just a sprinkles -- a couple sprinkles to worry about this morning. along the 95 corridor near columbia to northeast of baltimore. sometimes the radar can be a little dramatic. i don't think all of that is reaching the ground. maybe a few sprinkles today at best, mostly cloudy and high temperatures will be in the mid 50's for the afternoon. it will feel colder than that when you factor in the wind. you want to have a good jacket to cut the wind. we will have details on the full forecast coming up. >> good morning, if you are
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heading out in the next few minutes, the debris cleanup continues around our area as you may still find some closures. we have an accident in the elkridge region at washington boulevard and montevideo road. 39 miles per hour on southbound 95 with volume picking up in howard county toward the capital beltway. looking good on 95 out of white marsh. at 5:43 and we'll road, they set up stop signs but it may be tricky getting through that intersection. 61 on the north side and 53 toward the west side, running smoothly when you get on to the west side and we are at 55 southbound on the harrisburg expressways to the beltway. this is an update on 70 just west of the beltway and that is
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starting to pick up. a nice start on 70, 95 is building as well. no problems to report through the tunnels. the area bridges are checking out just fine. ♪ >> a busy halloween night for baltimore city police. before midnight, they found a man shot to death in north baltimore. no word on his condition. in southwest baltimore, police responded to another gunshot victim. they are looking into possible connection. the shooting came on the heels of another shooting in east baltimore. that victim's condition is unknown. a 41-year-old man is in grave
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condition after being shot in the head. just after 5:00 p.m.. police have no suspects in connection with any of the cases. ♪ ♪ >> millions across the northeast are beginning another day without power. some are surrounded by water and others have no where to call home. we have more from toms river, new jersey. >> the reality of the destruction is settling in. some people are left homeless. >> we have no home right now. >> those displaced by the storm are returning to see what is left. in queens, burned rubble, subways are still cut off by flooding in new york city. >> 's like the city has been cut in half around 40th street. >> thousands were trapped in
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their homes for over 72 hours. >> sunday night was the most terrifying. >> along the jersey shore, homes were ripped from their foundations. >> its like right out of a movie. >> woodbridge, emergency officials say thousands of gallons of oil from the refinery came loose from the storm. president obama promised federal help. for new jersey. >> we go through tough times but we bounced back. the reason we bounceback is because we look out for one another. we don't leave anybody behind. >> getting back to life as usual is complicated, creating long lines for food and gas. >> we are coming back, definitely, without a doubt, we are coming back, all of us, together. >> across the northeast, communities are refusing to quit until their lives are restored. millions of people are beginning their third day without power
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especially for those cut off from their homes along the jersey shore. the recovery can happen soon enough. >> after dodging a bullet here at home, many of those are ready to spring into action to help by heading north to help the recovery. >> good morning, five baltimore city paramedics are leaving today as part of a team leading first thing this morning to go to new jersey to help. they are going to be helping thousands of people that are surrounded by water and in desperate need of medical care. they have seen the devastating pictures and they know the 911 calls are overwhelming. the folks here spent part of their day on wednesday packing up and getting ready to go north. >> a lot of flood damage and wind damage, people are operated
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and displaced and hopefully, we will be able to step in and go through some of the damage and help people. >> most of their time is likely going to be spent with patient transport to and from areas shelters and hospitals. getting in and around that area will not be easy and they know that. they will be taking safety precautions as well. >> thank you. governor martin o'malley got a firsthand look at the hardest hit parts of the state along the eastern shore. it forced 500 people to evacuate the town of prince field. the governor is committed to helping out. >> hopefully out of this loss and damage, we can build it better and stronger to withstand the bigger storm events that we will be dealing with for the foreseeable future. >> no word on the estimated damage done to the town by the storm. officials say it will be some time before the water drains
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enough to repair. >> the rain and high winds may be gone but sandy is still claiming lives in maryland. the third storm-related death happened wednesday morning when a tree fell on a contractor doing repairs in annapolis. another victim died when a tree fell through his pasadena home and another died in a traffic accident in montgomery county. >> in druid hill park, sandy claim a piece of history. there was a tree standing in the park for 400 years. it was standing along green spring avenue and toppled onto the roadway during the storm. crews have been able to remove a major parts of it. >> we have it in the records as a park from 1860 when they were putting the roads in the intentionally curve to the road to save the tree. >> they are planning on moving the tree to a safer place and will determine what to do with the next. >> there is good news for those
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who suffered damage which could save them thousands of dollars. >> because there was no hurricane warning issued for any part of the state, an insurer may not impose under a homeowner's policy a percentage deductible would damage that was sustained. >> the many insurance policies keep homeowners on the vote for a percentage of the damages but -- when a hurricane warning is issued. since there was no warning, homeowners will have to pay their standard deductible. viewers have been sharing photos of their hurricane experience. this one is in elders bird. many of the trees fell underwires like this one on maple road in linthicum. don't try to clear trees yourself. you can show us how your neighborhood was impacted by going to
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>> a long vacant retail space is about to get a new tenant coming up. >> why a train derailment caused 1000 people in kentucky to evacuate. >> could this be the end thecursive? >> it is going to be on the chilly side today and we will have details coming up in the forecast. >> a kabbalah problem spots -- an accident in elkridge and an accident in elkridge and another one at crofton, it's my coffee when i want it. you press a button, you have great dunkin' coffee. i got my coffee for the morning, i got my dunkin' k-cup packs for the rest of the day. only available at dunkin' donuts restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee. i've always been lucky.
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>> welcome back. the time is 6:13, 50 degrees downtown and there is a beautiful shot looking right at the inner harbor. we're waiting up to a few clouds and maybe a bit of a sprinkle. we are expecting hardly any rain today. let's look at what we felt during the worst of sandy. we saw some pretty extreme weather when you factor in the mountains and toward the coast. we did not to the worst of the damage, we saw the most extreme weather. the heavy rain fell along the eastern shore, over 12 inches in places incheseaston and that caused flooding. the pressure dropped to 28.44 is
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low for ocean city and to get 29 garrett county. a wide range of weather and we continue to clean up in the form of debris and downed trees and power outages. you can see what is left over behind sandy -- there is a big dip in the jet stream. it is currently 46 right now in baltimore at the airport. we are seeing a few rain showers left over from sandy. there is an energy in the upper atmosphere but you can see a little bit of circulation from sandy. light rain showers could make their way to baltimore in the western suburbs and snow will be falling in the mountains. not too much accumulation and a lot of that will be mixed with rain. close to 30 inches of -- the
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mountains are only in the upper 30's and baltimore with a high of 54 edit will be breezy and will feel colder. we dropped down into the 30's overnight with some clearing and we expect the winds to be breezy out of the west tomorrow. the high-temperature tomorrow will be 54 degrees and by saturday, 53 with breezy conditions and 55 on sunday and we turn our clocks early that morning so you get an extra hour of sleep and by monday, a new storm system could be forming and maybe that lenders. we will keep an eye on election day. >> good morning, it is kind of busy in terms of incidents. southbound 895, there is a disabled vehicle and they are blocking some lanes at the moment. avoid the delays by taking 95 to
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fort mchenry. washington boulevard and montevideo road as an accident in elkridge. 97 looks good but we are looking at a little bit of a slowdown southbound 95 past 32. in bel air, defective traffic lights could hinder your commute. stop signs are in place to help you get through that intersection, just be careful. no delays on the beltway at the moment. >> taking a look at some of our top stories -- three people are in custody and three others are recovering this morning after gunfire scattered a crowd of halloween revelers in hollywood, california. police had to be called in to clear the streets.
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more than 1000 people in kentucky had to leave their homes after a train derailment caused a chemical fire outside louisville. three workers were seriously burned. people living within a five-mile radius or ask you to leave their homes or stay inside. a district in missouri wants to do away with handwriting classes. they are considering dropping cursive handwriting for the curriculum they say most people either print by hand or type on a keyboard. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day -- do you think cursive is a worthwhile lesson to learn in school? ♪ ♪
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>> after sitting empty for 10 months, new tenant will fill the void left by the closing of filene's based in downtown. marshalls is taking over that space. marshall's will open their early next year. sam's club is helping recharge those left in the dark by sandy. 18 sam's clubs in five states are accepting non-members affected by power outages. the locations are serving as free power recharging stations for people to recharge their laptops and cell phones and other electronic devices. it will remain open for non- members until october 9 -- november 9. more americans are on the move. >> the number of americans moving is increasing from a
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record low. an estimated 12% of residents moved in the year ending in march. it was cited by the population reference bureau. about 1.7% move from state to state which is the most in five years and mobility is seen as good for the economy. as for trading yesterday, insurance stocks took a direct hit from sandy. trading resumed after a two-day shutdown of the stock exchange. toys r us has another church but sleep. the retailer hopes to compete with wal-mart with a pay in store promotions. you can order online and pay on the store. kids around the country are counting out their trick or treat lewd but probably they are
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not thinking about the health implications of gorging. the average child brings in 3500-7,000 calories worth of candy on halloween. >> 6:20 and 45 degrees at the airport. while the corner stores of the orioles' defense might not be around next season. >> take a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers, hope you had them.
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>> morning,0 the busy this morning and busy at the harbor tunnel. there is a disabled vehicle. be careful there and you may find the lais leading to that. southbound 95 is better down toward fort mchenry. washington boulevard at montevideo road, watch for delays due to an accident and we are tracking the crash for the south in croft in. we're looking at speeds on average around the area. a little bit of a delay on the west side with your drive * 14 minutes on the southwest side.
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11 minutes on the outer loop northwest side. here is a live look at traffic on 895 south of the split and it is picking up in volume and much of that is due to the delay is leading to the harbor tunnel so avoid that. '95 looks pretty good in harford county and route 24. >> the only thing we have to worry about on the roads this morning may be a few raindrops. you may have to tap your windshield wipers a couple of time. they're pretty light in major in maryland and most of it is happening in the western part of the state. the mountains may see a rain/snow mex. 54 degrees near baltimore and 584 ocean city. ne sprinkles, is mostly baltimore and the west and everyone else stays dry but it will be breezy and chile today. we will have the seven-day
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forecast when we come back them up 11-sports. >> good morning, we begin with the orioles. they have the job of putting together next year's team. we will see if will include first baseman mark reynolds. the orioles did not pick up his contract option, a move that would have cost the orioles' $11 million. buck showalter says they want him back and he is eligible for contract arbitration but he will likely hit the free agent market and the orioles will try to sign him to a two-year contract and we will see if that happens. one reason why reynolds became one of the best defensive first baseman in major league baseball, a spectacular catch right there. the ravens are 4-point favorites to beat the browns on sunday and normally you would think this is a slam-dunk. the ravens of not lost to the browns and almost five years and cleveland has won two straight at home and the ravens are a
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different team on the road. the average 32 points at home and 15 on the road. the ravens have spent the last 10 days trying to figure out what happened after their last loss. they play three of the next four games away from home. >> the communication is more of an issue when you are playing on the road. is a game where you play against good teams and they are in the game for a while. there are ways we have to go about communicating better and at times limiting some of that so we can let our guys played. >> it is tough on the road. it is our job to go out and execute on the road at high levels. we owe it to the organization and the fans do not lay an egg on the road. >> expectorations to get the ball to ray rice .
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they have a pretty good record after losses. >> that time the 6:27, 45 degrees at the airport. one marylander is a big winner and we will explain. >> new jersey is getting ready to get some help from maryland. that story is next. >> both candidates are getting back on track with five-days to go until election day. >> we are starting to see some delays to the harbor tunnel and we will let you know about that and a couple of accidents. and a couple of accidents.
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i've always been lucky.
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flew 37 bombing missions over germany. made it home every time. i'm lucky to have good friends who are all still around, and we're all lucky to have a friend named ben. ben's protected our medicare and veterans' benefits. and he's helping my 13 grandchildren afford college. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i'm honored to approve this message. >> you are watching wbal tv 11 -- alive, local, late breaking. >> good morning, welcome back. >> thank you for joining us. >> there is a big change in the
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weather behind sandy. a big dip in the jet stream is allowing cold air to come in, 46 at the airport and 42 in catonsvile. there are light sprinkles falling in many areas across the metro area. you may see a couple of rain drops heading out this morning. high temperatures today are only in the mid 50's and it will feel colder when you factor in the winds and the skies will be mostly cloudy and sprinkles mainly of to our west. -- off to our west. >> with five days to go until election day, both presidential candidates are putting the focus back on campaigning and after hurricane sandy. >> hallie jackson joins us with more.
6:31 am
the president dealt with the aftermath of the storm. >> yes, but now he is back on the campaign trail. he will talk about the storm victims in his remarks today. roomette romney is on the trail as well. -- miche romney is on the trail as well. president obama delivered a message to those devastated by superstar sandy. >> we are here for you and we will not forget. we will follow up to make sure you get all the help you need. >> his message will shift away from the path of destruction to the past 2270 electoral votes. he will hit wisconsin and colorado. in florida, mitt romney backed off on aggressive attacks as signals those struggling from the aftermath of the storm. >> keep people in your thoughts and prayers. >> both candidates will refocus. >> memories are short so by the weekend, we will be focusing again on the candidates. >> it has a been up to the
6:32 am
surrogates to do the slamming. jeb bush said choice words about president obama. >> is entire strategy is to blame on others starting with my brother, of course. >> vice president joe biden returned the favor with a swipe at romney in the sunshine state. >> his plans are not sketchy, they are etch-a-sketchy. >> mayor ron may well come out to our region in virginia. they want to extend hours for early absentee voting. >> many states have early voting this year and it is having an impact on the election? >> many people have done this so far, more than 19 million people across the country have cast ballots early and in maryland, the number is close to 193,000 people. that is more than double the
6:33 am
people who voted in early voting for 2010. you are still seeing some big numbers in maryland. >> thank you very much. >> as life gets closer to returning to normal, maryland is sending assistance up north to help those hit harder by hurricane sandy. >> good morning, about five baltimore city paramedics make up half of a 10-member team getting ready to head to new jersey. they will be helping out with some overwhelmed first responders there. >she is used to getting packed up for a sign the but this one is different. >> you are anxious but you just want to get there and get started. >> these paramedics will head to new jersey first thing this morning to help out with thousands of people surrounded by water and in desperate need of medical care. >> we have extra straps.
6:34 am
>> they have seen the devastating pictures and know that 911 calls for service or overwhelming first response is. >> there was a lot of wind damage, people are uprooted and displaced and hopefully we will be able to step in and go through some of the damage and help people. >> it is part ranching watching people's cars and their neighborhoods and houses -- i cannot imagine being in that position about transportation will be horrible and we have to figure out different ways to transport them. >> they will likely help with patient transport to and from shelters and hospitals. >they are getting their game pln ready as much as they can before they face whenever they are going into. they are prepared to spend up to 10 days in new jersey helping first responders up there. >> the woman who police say help her son and another teen cover of the shooting death of young
6:35 am
baltimore girl is waking up behind bars this morning. the 49-year-old is being held on $500,000 bond after turning herself in a wednesday morning. she is charged as an accessory. the girl was shot to death inside an east baltimore home back in march and her body was found in an alley the next day. >> city schools report they are making progress not only keeping students in school but graduating them as well. the dropout rates are on the decline while graduation rates are on the rise. >> over five years, we have 82% of our kids to graduated or are still in school which is pretty remarkable in a city where half the kids used to drop out of school. >> improve communication at the high-school level is also credited. the orioles may have fallen short of a post-season but maryland is still a home to a world series champion, a
6:36 am
champion of poker. he claimed the title of world series of poker champion and an $8.5 million prize. he was the last man at the table in the marathon card session that lasted nearly 12 hours for the tournament began back in july with over 6000 participants. that led to this week's final five. >> instaweather plus and traffic paul's 11 together -- >> here is a look at your morning commute and we are tracking problems out there and volume is picking up. southbound 895 of the harbor tunnel, we have a disabled vehicles of be careful. fort mchenry might be a better bet. washington boulevard at montevideo drive is a problem due to the crash.
6:37 am
looking at a slowdown on southbound 95 from howard county past 32 and there may be delays around this intersection in annapolis where traffic lights are out. 17 minutes on the outer loop west side which is our biggest delays so far. this is a live look at traffic and we will say or what it looks like an 895 near the split, picking up in volume toward the harbor tunnel. avoided for the next few minutes. 95 is running smoothly coming out of bel air. >> drivers out about this morning may see a couple of raindrops on their windows. that is all we are expecting as this lingers in the northeast. the heaviest of is in pennsylvania and new york but the mountains in maryland may see some snow showers with 1 inch of snow. the cold air is building toward the gulf coast. the jet stream has dug down to the south. we are currently at 46 in
6:38 am
baltimore but only 48 in atlanta and 36 degrees in louisville, ky. the cold air will stick around for the couple of days, 54 today and tomorrow and 53 by saturday and it feels cold when you factor in the winds and return the clocks back on sunday he will get an extra hour of sleep. by monday, maybe a chance for rain. >> the time is 6 of 538 and 45 degrees at the airport. who says halloween is just for kids or cumins? >
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>> there were some special treats at the minnesota zoo. the grizzly bears made short work of this 500-pound pumpkin. it was provided as hundred and activity to stimulate the animals senses. this year's trade has been growing for five months. >> a special homecoming for 18 giant pandas in china after a massive earthquake damage to their preserve a couple of years ago. chinese central tv says the refurbished base should be larger and will have space for
6:42 am
up to 90 pandas. it is 6:41 and 50 degrees at the airport. >> good news along washington boulevard and we will update you on that but we will check on delays forming on the west side, next. >> watch out for a couple of sprinkle this morning but otherwise, cold and windy for the next couple of days. here's a live look out doors.
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>> welcome back. a busy halloween night for baltimore city police. just before midnight, a man was found shot at dartmouth road in north baltimore. no word on his condition.
6:45 am
in southwest baltimore, people responded to another gunshot victim. police are looking for a connection. a 41-year-old man is said to be in grave condition after being shot in the head on homewood avenue. police have no suspects in any of these cases. out of los angeles, four people were wounded after an overnight shooting at a halloween party on the campus of the university of southern california. witnesses say there was about 100 people outside when the gun man opened fire. police have taken two people into custody but it is not clear what prompted the shooting. >> we hear so much about cholesterol. we do need some cholesterol to help build body cells. too much can put you at risk
6:46 am
for health -- heart disease. one doctor says you can lower your cholesterol with a diet makeover. >> this woman struggled with high cholesterol would lead to a blockage in her heart. >> it was still high. i did not realize i was in the danger zone them as required by best surgery and beside taking cholesterol medicine, she has dramatically changed her diet. >> i have learned to give up a lot of red meat. i have learned to eat vegetables which i love. i cook them a thousand different ways. it has made a difference. >> the doctor says it is because what you eat is essential for managing your cholesterol and she believes the best diet is one rich and vegetables. >> this does not mean i recommend everyone being a vegetarian but i recommend that most of our dietary intake comes from plants.
6:47 am
because animal products including dairy brings up your cholesterol. >> a dietitian says one big mistake many of us make is eating too much meat. >> we are heavy on animal products in a typical american diet. if we can cut back and do some meatless meal , it is great for your heart. >> if you eat lots of green- based vegetables, you'll find your cholesterol will go down. you'll have less arthritis and you will lose your tummy and have more energy. >> don't realize how bad you feel or you been feeling until you start feeling good. it is a big change to wake up with more energy. >> instaweather plus and traffic
6:48 am
pulse whether together. >> good news on that accident in elkridge -- it is now gone. we have delays on southbound to 95 toward 100 from west nursery road. on croft and boulevard, and accidents still on the road. delays right in the area of 32. college parkway ed green colleague drive, you will find some stoplights out so treat them as a four-way stop sign. the north side of the beltway is still at speed, 11 minutes on southbound 95 into our county. the jfx is not bad from ruxton road down into the city.
6:49 am
>> if you have any problems on the road this morning, it is mainly going to be a couple of raindrops. of's talk about the impact sandy. we saw a lot of extra weather across the stage. we did not see the worst of the damage but we saw the most extreme weather including the heavy snow that fell in garrett county, 29 inches. compare that to a 79-mile per hour wind gust south of the bay bridge and we had more than 12 inches of rain in many parts of the eastern shore including easton and the pressure apple dropped to 28.44 inches. what an extreme event we saw across the entire state. things are improving. it is a little bit called and not settled in the northeast behind sandy.
6:50 am
a few rainshowers dip down into western maryland and they will filter in with a bit of snow. ball to get senate and today, it will be light sprinkles. -- if baltimore gets anything today, it will be light sprinkles. most of this is not reaching the ground but it is something to keep in mind that there may be a few sprinkles. 54 degrees will be a high temperature today. most of the sprinkles will be to our west and a mountain may see a rain/snow mix. the breeze makes it feel colder than it already is. temperatures tonight will be in the 30's. expect it to stay call the next couple of days. 54 degrees tomorrow and into saturday, 55 by sunday and clocks will turn back and by monday, more rain showers
6:51 am
possible and still in the 50's and still a big question mark for election day. >> maryland is sending relief workers north to help some of the states hit harder by sandy. jennifer franciotti is live on federal help with that story. >> about five baltimore city paramedics are part of a 10- member team heading out to new jersey this morning. they will be assisting thousands of people surrounded by water and in desperate need of medical care. they have all seen the devastating pictures and know the 911 calls for service are overwhelming the first responders. spent part of wednesday packing up and they are getting ready and they will try to navigate their way around the areas and try to help as many people as they can, transporting patients to and from area shelters and hospitals. they know what a difficult task it is. >> how long will the group stay
6:52 am
in new jersey? >> they have packed to spend at least 10 days there and they could spend less or possibly more but they are preparing for a 10-day stay. >> thank you so much. the time is 6:52 and 45 degrees at the airport. we will have some answers to our water cooler question. >> and we will look at traffic and weather.
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6:54 am
>> time to get some answers to our water cooler question of the
6:55 am
day. >> is curse of a worthwhile lesson to teach in school? >> - >> we will pose more of our answers on our website, on the day after halloween, what do you do with all that can be to make sure your kids don't go on a sugar binge? we will have ideas for you and a new pact -- >> and news anchor finds out that you do not want to mix gasoline with the jack-o- lantern. we will have the latest traffic and weather.
6:56 am
that was funny but not funny with the accident in anne arundel county. >> old south river road at solomon's river island road as an accident. if you want to go out on southbound to 95, we are tracking delays leading up to 100 toward 32. a defective traffic light in annapolis, so be careful. the biggest delays on the west side, 22 minutes to get you through that stretch. we will start on the jfx volume continues to build making your way toward 28 streets. look at the west side, it is a sea of brake lights. >> can i put a request for 80- degree temperatures? >> people are still dealing with flooding and this is not looking too good with temperatures.
6:57 am
it is mostly dry but a couple of sprinkles today and did as a little breezy. don't forget about turning back the clocks on sunday. tuesday, election day, is still up in the air. >> i was amazed at how many trick or treaters i saw last night. >are like the postal service. thanks for joining us this morning. >> back with a live update at 7:25. have a great day.
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